Clinical Therapist, Sex & Relationship Coach, and Sex Educator

Hello, I am Deanna Potts, you may call me Deanna, D, Miss D, or Ms. Potts.

I am a woman that believes LOVE and communication are the answers to life’s deepest questions.

I have found that being an open book with friends and lovers alike is part of being authentically myself. I seek integrity and honest communication in any relationship I am in, whether it is professional, friendship or romantic.

With over 10 years of experience helping humans like you become your best self, I focus on personal relationships, including the most important human relationship, the one with oneself.

My niche market is female-identified persons ages 25 to 55 that are struggling with body image, self esteem, and/or sexual issues (including orientation, expression, gender identity, desires, etc.) that may stem from being overweight, underweight, disabilities (mental or physical), gender dysphoria, sexual trauma, struggling/abusive relationships, recent break-up/divorce, religious upbringing or anything that has made you feel “less than” or “not enough”. I have personal and professional experience with these issues and am ready to help you and your partner(s) realize your best hopes for your future and the life that you really want.

I am experienced with individuals, couples, and moresomes.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, former Community Health Worker, and Certified Life Coach, my background includes vast and varied training and experience.  I specialize in helping you realize and achieve the goals you set for yourself using a combination of sex education, coaching, and Solution Focused Therapy.

All genders, orientations, religions, lifestyles, relationship configurations, and races are welcomed, embraced and celebrated.

I thoroughly enjoy helping you find the answers within yourself through having deep conversations about what you really want to achieve in your life and using the resources you already have to make your dreams and goals a reality.


  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (TX #57760)
  • Certified Life Coach (WLC #00006)
  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (TX #12040)
  • Community Health Worker (TX #5065)- Former
  • Certification in Trauma Counseling (UTA – University of Texas at Arlington)

To Make An Appointment:

  • Please call 817-921-6817 or email