Q & A: Why and How Of My Business

What services do you offer?

  • Therapy for Individuals/Couples/Moresomes/Families
  • Sex and Relationship Coaching – Individual or Partner(s)
  • Sex Education
  • Therapy specific to transgender persons
  • Classes for groups such as Homeschooled Children, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, or curious friends. Each class is tailored to the group’s wants and needs.
  • Speaking Engagements (Contact with Desired Topic.)

Please note that due to Social Work Ethics that all Therapy and Life Coaching MUST be hands off. I am not allowed to have physical contact with clients.

What is the difference between a psychotherapist, a psychiatrist, and a psychologist?

Psychotherapists (aka counselors & therapists) are clinically trained to diagnose and help clients with mental health issues. This is what I am!

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in the treatment of the mentally ill, usually with medication.

A psychologist specializes in testing and research of human behavior.

Why are you willing to travel to me?

It is simple, I have been told by many of you that you would feel more comfortable if I came to you.  This is a very reasonable request and one that I will wholeheartedly accommodate in order to best serve you, your partners and your family.

I gladly come to your home, office, or wherever you choose that will provide a quiet location, free of interruptions, instead of you coming to me and potentially waiting in a crowded waiting room until your appointed time.

I have been told that I might be the only therapist/sex educator/life coach in the Dallas area that will travel to the client. That may or may not be true; however, it does allow me to provide the highest levels of discretion and privacy for you and your partners.

What if I don’t want you to come to me?

That is not an issue at all! I now have offices located off University between I-30 and The Fort Worth Zoo.

Where are your practice locations?

  • Your location (within 30 minutes of South Fort Worth, TX based on Google Maps)
  • 1751 River Run Suite 234, Fort Worth, TX 76107

What are your rates and fees?

Initial Phone Consultation – up to 15 minutes – to see if we are a possible good fit for each other – No Charge.

50-minute session for any of my coaching/therapy/education services for Individuals, Family/Tribe, or Relationship members – $175 per hour

Travel Time – If my travel to you is more than 30 minutes, there may be an additional fee for my time. If there is a fee it will be discussed when the appointment is made.

Speaking or group coaching/teaching – Rates are negotiable depending on the unique variables involved. Please contact for further information.

Why do you not accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance because I feel that you deserve to be in control of your own services and not have them dictated by third-party payers. Insurance companies require a diagnosis. I do not feel that I need to know your problem nor diagnose you in order to serve you effectively.  Due to my practice being focused on sex, sexual lifestyles, various relationship configurations, and personal relationships, this setup allows me to provide the highest levels of discretion and privacy without any “permanent record” of the services I provide. That said, I am happy to provide you with receipts and documentation to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

UPDATE: Due to client requests, I am looking into working with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, and Aetna. As of March 2019, I continue to not accept insurance.

So, you don’t currently accept insurance. What are the acceptable payment types?

I accept Cash, Paypal, and Mastercard/Visa.

I hear you keep a small caseload. Why do you prefer a small caseload?

All of my services are tailored to your needs. I keep my caseload small in order to make sure that each of you gets the attention you deserve. This allows me to have flexible hours for seeing you, as well as, work on other important projects.

I know that evening and weekend availability is important to many of you. In today’s economy, it can be a burden and does not make economic sense for you to have to take time off work to receive services. With a small caseload, I am better able to see you when you want to be seen.

Is Counseling Confidential?

Overall, the law protects the confidentiality of all communications between you and I. Neither your personal information nor anything that is said during the sessions is disclosed without your written permission, with a few exceptions according to state law.

I am required by law to report any suspected child abuse or dependent adult or elder abuse to the appropriate authorities immediately. If you are threatening serious bodily harm to another person I must notify the police and inform the intended victim. If you intend to harm yourself, I will make every effort to enlist your cooperation in ensuring your safety.

If the client does not cooperate, further measures may be taken without their permission in order to ensure their safety.

How do I schedule a session?

The best way to contact me is by e-mail LHHtx@mail.com or my voicemail at 817-921-6817. I usually check each at least once a day.

First Time sessions are normally scheduled within 7 calendar days. Existing clients are usually able to schedule a session within 72 hours with short-term, high needs, sessions typically made within 24 hours.

Something came up and I need to cancel. What should I do?

Please notify me at least 24 hours in advance by e-mail LHHtx@mail.com or my voicemail at 817-921-6817 if you can’t make your appointment. If you miss your appointment and fail to notify me before your session time, I reserve the right to bill you for up to the full cost of the session. Multiple cancellations or missed appointments will result in discharge from services.